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Showing 1 - 23 of 23 products
Deluxe Easter Egg (6x mini eggs)Deluxe Easter Egg (6x mini eggs)
Happy Easter Egg (4x mini eggs)Happy Easter Egg (4x mini eggs)
Super deluxe Easter egg (8x mini eggs)Super deluxe Easter egg (8x mini eggs)
Gift from Mayo Ireland, Chocolate gifts, Easter gifts, West of Ireland, Ireland, County Mayo, Luxury chocolates, Artisan chocolatesEaster chocolates gifts from Ireland. Mayo Chocolates, Artisan chocolate, County Mayo, Luxury chocolates
Luxury chocolates, County Mayo Ireland, West of Ireland, Chocolate gift, Artisan chocolates, Easter chocolate GiftsLuxury chocolates Ireland, Mayo Chocolates, Easter chocolates, artisan chocolate, West of Ireland, County Mayo
VanVelze's Easter Gift Box (36)
Sale price€49.14
Luxury chocolate gifts, County Mayo Ireland, Artisan chocolates from the west of Ireland. County Mayo, Chocolates, Easter chocolatesArtisan Chocolates Ireland, Mayo Chocolates, Easter chocolates, Luxury chocolates
VanVelze's Easter Gift Box (25)
Sale price€39.30
Easter chocolates, Chocolates gifts, West of Ireland, County Mayo, Chocolates from Mayo, Chocolates from the west of Ireland. With love from IrelandEaster chocolates Ireland. Mayo Chocolates, Fine flavour, Artisan chocolate, Ireland.
VanVelze's Easter Gift Box (16)
Sale price€27.49
The BIG Egg
VanVelze's The BIG Egg
Sale price€73.79
Easter Super Chicks
VanVelze's Easter Super Chicks
Sale price€15.69
The BIG Shard Egg
VanVelze's The BIG Shard Egg
Sale price€73.79
Alcoholfree Collection 5Alcoholfree Collection 5
Alcoholfree Collection 16Alcoholfree Collection 16
Alcoholfree Collection 25Alcoholfree Collection 25
Alcoholfree Collection 36Alcoholfree Collection 36
Signature Collection 5Signature Collection 5
Signature Collection 16Signature Collection 16
Signature Collection 25Signature Collection 25
Signature Collection 36Signature Collection 36
Dark Collection 5Dark Collection 5
Van Velze's Dark Collection 5
Sale price€12.74
Dark Collection 16Dark Collection 16
Van Velze's Dark Collection 16
Sale price€27.49
Dark Collection 25Dark Collection 25
Van Velze's Dark Collection 25
Sale price€39.30
Dark Collection 36Dark Collection 36
Van Velze's Dark Collection 36
Sale price€49.14

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